Cézanne Cézanne  


A Loose Inventory of an Imaginary Room of the Barnes Foundation


Wall I


Cézanne Cézanne Cézanne Cézanne Rousseau Picasso

Cézanne Cézanne Cézanne Cézanne Renoir Monet

Renoir Renoir Cézanne Cézanne Matisse Seurat



Wall II


Soutine Matisse Cézanne Cézanne van Gogh Corot

Courbet Renoir Renoir Picasso Matisse Miro

Wols Wols Klee Klee de Chirico Roualt



Wall III


Cézanne Cézanne Cézanne Cézanne Soutine van Gogh

Seurat Monet Renoir Renoir Cézanne Cézanne

Roualt Renoir Miro Renoir Miro Modigliani



Wall IV


Matisse Matisse van Gogh de Chirico Rousseau Picasso

Cézanne Cézanne Seurat Seurat Picasso Picasso

Miro Roualt Klee Wols Cézanne and a Cézanne






A Study of the Judd Foundation


White walls

splintered wood, oil rotten

(oil in the walls, they say)

creaking steps

broken railing


and the Africans watching


Novros’ L

Reinhardt’s Red


and forged glass

made to look the part


while the Africans keep the watch


Now the walls float

as the rubber melts



light-bleached paper-pad 

where a pencil once was placed

on a standing desk for a 6’ saint


the steps complain of oil

the Africans take note


The floor boards / the ceiling boards

the tyranny, the dogma 

of precision, of measure

Stella’s protractor 

at home with voids

while the dust collects in the corner


as the Africans continue their watch


Everything ecstatic now 

everything enveloped

in Flavin’s running light, 

the light stolen from the day’s wane

blanketing the hovering bed

and the soap left (or placed) on the tub’s ledge

Northern Light, even in the bathroom

and children once lived here?, so they say

with the oil in the white walls 


and the Africans watching






Man with hat and white beard,

handsome, soigné, very old

bourgeois dignity and serenity.


Without any market-relevent 

abnormality no, but art operating

playful mood - a survivor,

so it seemed, kind of a dying



Silent as his work.


Who is encountered, recalls the

elegance of fine painter,

who was watching with satisfaction

as people stopped in front of his 

large images and the movement

froze, and stopped of festive silence.


And always it was new amazing

how this work relied on old, almost

forgotten virtue of abstraction 

and to have had no inducement 

for the article and wanted to act

only on the miracle of color.


Color, without glare, no flash 

sends signals that do not light

fires in large flares, glows rather,

to glow in the soft tonality.




Study after Delacroix


Poor Géricault!

I saw you go down

into the narrow house, 

where there are 



even dreams


. . . . 


How I long

to be a poet.




something to hold on to (Defeo's Cabinet)


broken coffee mug handle

broken tape dispenser

used erasers

antique farm plow

swimming goggles

camera tripod

one-of-a-kind pink cup given to me by a friend

samurai swords

a tissue box

a rose

the cone of air created during a sonic boom



the supreme stoicism in the eye of a dying dove




Instructions on Writing a Sestina




        glass - framed -

    silver skeletons,   children's


    toys with      praying sheep on

    hospital equipment laced in   the


                formaldehyde solution




No Name





When I


heard Grand'


Dad died,


I did-


n't know


how to 















Once I

heard Grand'

Dad died, 

I thought-

write the 

sad, sad